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Since 2009

Background of Junior Achievement Eswatini (JAE)
Junior Achievement Eswatini is an international NGO that was established in the country in 2009. We are mandated to fulfil a worldwide entrepreneurship program and also registered as an NGO in the Kingdom of Eswatini. The organization has grown rapidly since2009 and it now consists of 4 main programs namely; Financial Literacy, JA Company (JACO), Job Shadow (JS) and Out of School Youth (OOSY). Over the years, JA Eswatini (JAS) has positioned itself as a trendsetter in investing and encouraging young people to own their economic future through financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work readiness. Junior Achievement aligns itself to the need to address the issue of youth unemployment in the country.



  • Our Vission To produce technologically savvy and competent young entrepreneurs in Eswatini.
  • Our Motto Changing destinies for young people through entrepreneurship



  • Our Mission We empower youth through innovation in entrepreneurship, financial literacy and career development to create self-employment in Eswatini.



  • In-School: Financial Literacy
  • In-School: JA Company
  • In-School: Job Shadow
  • Out of School: Business Development




These programs are implemented in different schools with some enrolling in at least one of the programs while others implemented two and a very few implemented all 3 inschool programs. JA Eswatini coverage is in Manzini and Hhohho regions which still have the highest numbers with 32% each followed by Lubombo with 24% and the least number of schools are in the Shiselweni region with 12%. Of all the schools that participate in the In-School programs only 32% are from urban settings, whereas 68% are from rural areas. The program has enabled students to develop an understanding of enterprise and business as well as entrepreneurship. It has provided them with insight into what it takes to run a small business. This program provides the students with practical and real-world experience in small business activities. Through this program, there are at least 150 business companies that have been formed by students who are now JA Alumni and most of them have completed high school and are either in tertiary education or still searching for jobs and better opportunities in life. They have been well equipped on the principles of entrepreneurship and how to run a profitable company.


The Out of School Youth program has reached participants who have business ideas and need mentoring and support to grow their business concepts. This program has seen so much growth and interest among young people, hence the need to expand to more areas for coverage. Currently the program is in the Manzini out skirts and Lubombo region in the RSSC corridor. The program has empowered participants with practical business and entrepreneurial skills that has enabled the target group to start/scale up enterprises. It has also provided mentorship to the youth through a professional entrepreneur and further linked them with networks and opportunities to start and scale their business ideas or companies.

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