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It was a great night indeed.

The first JA Alumni Start-Up Awards held last Friday set a high tone for the years to come. We share memories from the night. #InspiringYouth

JA Eswatini with support from the Taiwan Embassy, hosted the inaugural JA Eswatini Alumni Awards at The George Hotel on May 17, 2024. Recognizing outstanding alumni achievements across 16 award categories, sponsored by partners, this event marked a milestone.

Gcina Dlamini, an agribusiness entrepreneur, clinched the prestigious JA Eswatini Alumni Start-Up of The Year award. From humble beginnings to founding Smiling Through Investments (STIN), Gcina’s journey exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship. Congratulations, Gcina, on your remarkable achievement!

We extend a heartfelt gratitude to the Taiwan Embassy.


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