Manzini Nazarene Mission Station,

House F20, 310, Dr David HYND Street, Farm 705.

Contact Information

Tel: (+288) 2505 6504 / 6045
Fax: 2505 8216

Working Hours

08:00 AM - 05:00PM Mon - Thu
08:00 AM - 02:00PM Friday

Backline Investment is a business that provides public address system and music instruments for rental to the public. It was previously known as Intsimbi Music and Sound. Magongo Thabiso Sakhumuzi is the founder of the business which started to operate in 2018. The main objective for starting this business was to provide sound system and music instrument to the public.

“The love and passion for music made me see an opportunity to start this kind of business. I grew up playing music instruments from church and used to get invites to play at different events. By attending the different events I gained interest and started investing in buying my own instruments and a sound system as I saw an opportunity in the demand of music instruments and the sound system,” Magongo said.

His current location is Mpaka but the business provides its services all over the country. “Only a sum of E5000.00 was used to start the business but each day more money is being pumped into the business as the equipment needs to be upgraded and also maintained,” he said speaking about how much he injected into the start of his business.

Its main customers are event organizers. It provides its services for mostly weddings, church services, parties, meetings or any event that needs a public address system.

Magongo is a proud member of JAE. Speaking about his membership with JAE, he said, “I joined Junior Achievement in 2022 while I was enrolling at Mpaka Vocational School through a start-up program that was sponsored by MTN Eswatini and Junior Achievement to empower youth in entrepreneurship. This program helped me especially in managing my finances. It also gave a boost of E10 000 to finance the business as I was one of the top five students who came up and presented a winning business plan.”

The business keeps on growing each day. Now we can be able to handle three events that start at the same time on the same day.

Although the business is thriving, it does not come without challenges. For Magongo, delayed payments is one of the difficulties he faces in running his business.  “It changes the whole plan. Upgrading and maintenance of the equipment is expensive. Some clients decide not to pay at all, which becomes costly to the business,” he added.

His three-year plan is upgrading from using the analog system to using digital system that comes with the benefit of advanced technology. “Providing a stage and stage lights is one of the plans I wish to expand towards. Owning a sound system that covers events of more than 10 000  people has always been my dream. I also wish to grow the business to the level where I will be able to provide jobs for other fellow youth.”

Contact details: Facebook; Thabiso Magongo, Cell; 76139437 and 79336772

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