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The Canada in Mozambique, Angola and Eswatini that has partnered with JA Eswatini this week visited Vulamasango High School, one of the schools benefiting from the partnership. The partnership seeks to strengthen and empower youth in Eswatini through entrepreneurial solutions to climate change problems.  

The schools have gone through entrepreneurship training and have innovated products that are solutions to different climate change challenges within their communities.  Representing CFLI during the visit were Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Service Manager Gavin Nardocchio-Jones and Learning Program Manager Guillaume Dubios from Ottawa Canada. During the visit at the school, the duo appreciated the work already covered which included the products Vulamasango has done over the years.

“We are appreciative of the work already done as it shows that the students’ capacity has been strengthened as they have displayed signs of maturity in running a functional business,” Gavin said. Also in attendance was JA Eswatini Executive Director Phetsile Masilela who took the visiting party through the in-school program where students are taught entrepreneurship and given skills to put together a viable business plan and company reports.

She explained the journey Vulamasango High School has had with JA, sighting that they recently came back from Rwanda where they represented Eswatini at the Africa COY 2023 under the theme “Breaking Barriers” On display were products produced and being sold currently at the school.

The country is facing huge challenges economically and it is a global dilemma which has required the government to ensure that youth participation in the economic recovery of the country is prioritized. This partnership is targeting in-school youth under Junior Achievement programs and youths in the tertiary institutions under the ENACTUS program in all four regions of the country.

It is anticipated that this kind of education is the one that will enforce a sustained economic recovery for the country and the continent at large. “There is no better time to train young people, especially the adolescents on leadership skills and success,” Gavin concluded.

Vulamasango High School management also graced the visit.  

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