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ENTREPRENEURSHIP training provided by JA Eswatini is underway for 140 volunteers under 20 tinkhundla from all four regions courtesy of Young Heroes. This follows a partnership agreement between the two organizations aimed at increasing access to sustainable HIV prevention and strengthening the resilience of these youth volunteers.  

The training will take 3 months followed by 6 months of mentorship aimed at assisting the trained youth to start up their businesses as they get exposed to financiers. For the 240 volunteers increased economic opportunities are envisaged in improving their livelihoods.

This Project is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This is an out-of-school youth project that focuses on capacity building of participants from business start-ups, mentorship, and coaching for ages 19 – 29 years.

These are the participating tinkhundla:
1.Mbabane EastMpolonjeniKwaluseniMtsambama
2.Mbabane WestDvokodvweniManzini NorthSomntongo
3.LobambaLomahashaManzini South 
5.Madlangempisi Ludzeludze 
6.  Phondo 
7.  Nkomiyahlaba 
8.  Lobamba Lomdzala 
9.  Mkhiweni 

“In all these locations, JA Eswatini will reach out to at least 300 adolescents and youth who would like to engage in entrepreneurial activities. These will be out-of-school youth from 19 – 29 years, over and above the 140 youth volunteers being currently trained”.

The first activity in the training involves the sharing of knowledge on entrepreneurship and innovation for 140 Facilitators/Volunteers.

JA Eswatini has started empowering volunteers who have already been identified as mentors in the different communities on entrepreneurship. This will build the skill to start their businesses and also monitor the project beneficiaries on the same.

After the 140 volunteers training a total of 300 adolescent girls and youth will also be empowered with practical business and entrepreneurial skills that will enable them to start/scale-up businesses at the community level.

After the volunteers have been trained, they will be expected to also impart the same knowledge to the adolescent girl participants. However, the participants will also need to go through their training that will enhance their business skills.

These will go through an entrepreneurship program, where they will be capacitated on different components and come up with business plans. They will all be expected to start small businesses for income generation and economic production in their families within 6 months after going through the pieces of training.

The participants will receive training on a variety of business-related issues, including market research, product development, financial planning, marketing management, customer service, funding sources, and fundamental record-keeping. Partners like Eswatini Bank, Youth Revolving Fund, Regional Development Fund (Micro Projects), Eswatini Stock Exchange, and FINCORP will be invited to trainings to inform the participants about the many funding options suitable for start-ups.

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