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Sibusiso Nkululeko Dlamini is director of Farmyard Fresh.

 He resides in Motshane in the Hhohho Region under Motshane Inkundla and Ndumo Chiefdom. Farmyard Fresh is an agribusiness that specializes in mixed farming. Farmyard Fresh produces vegetables (green paper, beetroot, green beans, and lettuce) and rears livestock, including goats and sheep.

Relating how he came to start this business, he said, “I had a backyard garden when I was doing my high school so I used to sell the surplus produce to my neighbors, and I would get pocket money. After completing high school, I decided to go and study agriculture so I could gain more knowledge about farming and be able to start my own farming business.”

Immediately after completing his tertiary studies in 2020, he established Farmyard Fresh. The idea was to earn a living through farming, create job opportunities for his siblings and community, as well as increase agricultural productivity.

“My start-up capital was E8 500 which was a stipend I received from The Mpumalanga Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. I bought 11 goats which multiplied, so I used to sell to Indians and save the money. I intended to buy more goats and focus on goat production. However, I realized there was a huge gap as there was a shortage of mutton supply in the country so I opted against buying goats and started buying sheep. I am currently having 29 herd goats and 15 flocks of sheep,” he said.

His customers for vegetables are Ulfame PTY Ltd, Spar, Boxer, vegetable vendors, and Mbabane Government Nursing Stuff.  He also relies on individuals and restaurants for sheep and goat sales. “I always supply the highest quality products at an affordable price that’s how I keep my customers loyal to my business,” the entrepreneur said in response to how his business manages to retain the client above base.

Sibusiso joined Junior Achievement’s out-of-school program and revealed how much he has gained valuable knowledge on entrepreneurship, financial management, and managing a business. “Moreover, Junior Achievement has exposed me to local entrepreneurs who have inspired me to transform my business and achieve greater things.” 

“Additionally, I have realized that we can earn a living through farming once stop practicing agriculture as a way of living.”

Sibusiso as a beneficiary of JAE’s entrepreneurship training programs went on to say how his business won position 3 in the Junior Achievement / MTN competition in the Hhohho Region in the year he participated in the business pitch.

Further relating to business challenges, he has faced since establishing his business, Dlamini said stray dogs have been a serious challenge for the sheep as he lost 8 of them last October.

“To ensure that I don’t encounter the same challenge I have employed a Shepard to oversee the animals daily. Stock theft is also a challenge, but we are working towards putting measures to limit stock theft.” In the next three years, he is working towards securing a contract with NamBoard and constructing greenhouses.

Sharing advice with other young people who seek to get into the entrepreneurship spaces Dlamini said, “My advice to young people is that they must go to tertiary institutions and acquire knowledge that is relevant to what they intend to do in their businesses and once they acquire those degrees they must hustle like they don’t have degrees. They say grass is greener where you water it so anything is achievable as long as you focus, keep learning and working hard.”