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Lomagugu B Mkhonta is a 33-Year-old young lady who is also the owner of Gee Creations.

Gee Creations was established in 2020. Speaking about the start of her business, Mkhonta reveals saw the gap for her fashion design business after realising that a majority of people in her community walk long distances to get school uniforms as well as when they would need to design clothing for private ceremonies like lobola events, parties, weddings, amongst others.

Her fashion design business is located at Malangeni in Mankayane in the Manzini Region.

She decided on this location because she wanted to improve her home area my home area and encourage the youth that entrepreneurship is the way to go and mitigate existing needs in a community.

Her business specialises in the production of school uniforms, clothes designed, and custom made as well as making curtains.

Proving that one does not need a lot of capital to start their business, Lomagugu further revealed that she ploughed E2000.00 into the start of her business.

By being consistent in her business and building a good clientele she managed to raise enough profit to keep the business successful.

Her main customers are members of the Mankayane community. Responding how she markets her business Mkhonta said her main platform for advertising her work is social media.

She also added that she is able to retain a faithful clientele by keeping time and delivering earlier or on the day the client expects their clothing to be done.

Lomagugu is a proud member of JAE. She was chosen in her Inkundla to attend an entrepreneurship training program and has not looked back since them. Being a member of JAE has equipped her with all the skills that are required in successfully running a business. This is including drawing up a business plan, record keeping of her finances, etc.

She added that the business has helped her upgrade her lifestyle as she could now afford providing for herself.

“My mentor in business is Tash Creations. She is great at she what is doing. Her work is so amazing,” she said.

She further shared that her business’ biggest challenge is accessing fabric shops as they are not in Mankayane.

“I overcome this challenge by stocking as much material from town to cut on costs of operation.”

“My plans in the next three years are to own a small factory in the community to supply schools uniforms and provide jobs to the youth in the community

I can advise young people that entrepreneurship is a good thing as you become your own boss and can manage your time and finances.”

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