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JA Eswatini has joined JA Africa in offering a free online entrepreneurship course for all high school students across the country. This online application allows students to do the entrepreneurship course and get a certificate at their comfort. A school does not need to be part of JA Eswatini for students to access this online training.

The JA DEEP is an online-based interactive entrepreneurship curriculum, created specifically for young African learners. It is an online version of the successful in-person Company Program and a part of the Entrepreneurship Initiative that JA Eswatini is offering to all students in high school.

JA Eswatini Communications and Marketing Specialist Siphesihle Mkhonta has alluded to the fact that the establishment of this digital learning platform allows JA to reach youth across the country and continent, whether in-school or out of school, in rural or urban areas, unemployed or in employment etc.

This initiative is supported by a JA Partner, Future Foundation which provides both financial and technical support for implementing the JA DEEP Program. Mkhonta explained that the initiative of online training aims to reach 10,000 students over the next three months. This initiative will enable all Eswatini youth to become economically self-reliant preparing them for entrepreneurship.

“The program allows learners the opportunity to experience the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship by walking them through all steps of how to start and operate a business that fills a need or solves a problem in their communities,” she said.  Learners put theory into practice from idea generation, product development, capitalization of the venture, marketing and sales strategies and financial reporting, while being supported with digital mentorship from a JA corporate mentor.

 In addition to the entrepreneurship modules, the digital platform includes training content on basic digital skills, including how to build an online identity and harness the power of the internet and social media in growing a business. The platform also offers the option to transition to deeper learning in digital literacy by providing access to more advanced courses developed by partners.

 Incentives are built into the program to encourage students to progress through the modules up to completion. This course has different modules which upon completion issue a certificate that can be utilized in sourcing funding and building a reputable profile for one’s business.

By teaching them about entrepreneurship JA is giving students in the program the keys to unlock their own future success story. Support from partners helps make a positive impact by harnessing Africa’s youth bulge which has the immense potential of translating into a dividend not just for the individual’s life trajectory, but more so through their creation of enterprises that will both stimulate economic growth and provide job opportunities for some of the approximately 7 million African youth who each year graduate into years of unemployment.

The entrepreneurship education platform is built upon an existing open-source, customizable Learning Management System. To access the site for training, JA Eswatini is urging all students to log into the site and register then make time to take all modules offered. JA mentors are made available to answer all questions and challenges one can experience while learning online.  The platform is experiential in that it provides homework and workspace components allowing students a chance to have hands-on practice with the concepts they are learning. Students also have to establish a business and track the business progress and performance on the platform. The platform is also interactive as it includes various interactive resources including game features, videos, audio, puzzles, popups, and chat functions to make the learning process fun and engaging. Testimonials, tips, and tutorials, sourced from alumni and volunteers, will also be embedded in the application allowing the content presented in modules to be completed within a one-hour block.

After each module, students complete a short quiz to test their understanding of the content with a self-assessment, pre- and post-self-assessment of competencies acquired, capturing students’ sense of initiative and entrepreneurship with a particular focus on creativity, teamwork, perseverance, resourcefulness, self-confidence, taking initiative and responsibility.

Students have the option to complete an international qualification, the Entrepreneurship Skills Pass, which certifies that a candidate is highly enterprising and uniquely qualified to start a business or to be successfully employed. Get your child registered and see them get an international qualification whilst in school.

This is the link to use: – JA DEEP – Training Platform


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