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Phephile Magagula is the owner of Isaac’s fashion house. A business she established in 2019.

She is passionate about fashion and design. “I wanted to explore my talents and make some income, which is why I started the business,” she says. Her business is located in Mpaka. “I decided to start the business at my place of residence because it cuts off operating costs and is easily accessible to my customers.”

“We offer a new look based on simplicity, individuality, and feminity. We sew garments or clothes that are designed exclusively for customers.” Phephile started her business with E2500.00.  “With the profit I get I have managed to buy some assets that the business needs to grow up to the standard I desire,” she says.

The business targets clients of all ages and caters to all genders although most of her clientele is women.  “I keep my loyal customers happy by making their desired design up to standard and maintaining the quality they love.”

Explaining how she became a member of JAE, Magagula says “I joined JA by enrolling at Mpaka Vocational Training Centre where I attended vocational classes. We were taught about the importance of a business plan on how it helps you to know if the business is growing.

She added that her business has helped her realize her dreams. “Because of the business I have now found my purpose and I can save money for my personal needs; I can now afford to pay some bills,” she says.

“Through Junior Achievement I got 2 machines which I needed so much for my work to be up to standard. I look up to Mama ka Tessa a fellow fashion designer, her work is astounding. My mentor is Ncedzile. She helps me with growing the business by giving me new ideas.”

The challenges she has are that she doesn’t have a proper workshop, and it’s hard to find boutiques that she can supply with her fashion clothing. Phephile also revealed that the first few months of the year are lousy as people are over the festive season and concentrate on education rather than making clothes.

She plans to grow the business and have a workshop of her own outside her home and for her clothes to be available in retailers around the country and to employ young people.

She explains entrepreneurship to be a journey that needs you to have passion and resilience.

Cell number: 78164582/79411966

Facebook: Mahle Hadzebe 

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