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Techmo Auto Solutions is an entity initially established in the year 2020 as a vehicle research analysis study owned by Sebenele Sphiwosami Mkhaliphi. The study unveiled an ever-growing observation that over 80% of locally based vehicles were depreciating at a quicker pace due to climate change and poor maintenance practices unlike in other countries.  Based on these findings what began just as a basic study flourished into a fully-fledged business late in the year 2021.  Currently, the business is temporally located in Fairview (Helemisi) although it mostly operates on house calls basis and can easily be pinpointed on Google Maps under the trade name Techmo auto Solutions for directions. This location proved convenient as it is centrally located to the intended target market. The business mainly specializes in vehicle interior and exterior detailing services which translates to the rehabilitation of vehicle structures inside and outside. The services provided included interior deep cleaning, headlight restoration, auto body repainting, and auto body buffing (deep polishing) which helps remove superficial scratches and restores the car’s paint to its pristine state just to name a few. Services are offered as individual services or as a combo package depending on the client’s preference.

A different approach was used in terms of capital generation whereby the business was initially formed from personal savings of E5000 investment in work equipment to which profits were re-invested back to acquire more much-needed equipment. To date, the business is still gradually expanding through re-investing profits in equipment acquisition to widen the number of services on offer. The business has no specific clientele as anyone who owns a vehicle is viewed as a target market. Worth nothing though as of now our client base is comprised of private car owners although we hope to secure the main projected target market which comprises insurance brokers, car dealerships, and private companies as this would cement our reputation in the field and create more much-needed employment opportunities. What makes us very unique is our Stella customer care concept where every client is afforded enough attention, where not only is the client required to give feedback about the service provided but is also constantly engaged in consistent interactions on how best to maintain their vehicle.

“I was fortunate enough to be part of the first group tow of the JA program back in 2011 while enrolled at Manzini Nazarene High School. Ever since that year, I  have partaken in all programs offered by the JA organization which played a great role in equipping us with vast entrepreneurial skills and further exposed us to great investment opportunities,” he said.

Running the business has been a bittersweet experience for Sebenele as the journey has not been as easy as one is exposed to endless frustrations relating to the business while trying to make it a success.  But on a positive note, the business has not only provided lucrative employment opportunities but has enabled one to be able to provide for the family having been exposed to unemployment for a long time as he is a teacher by profession.

Currently, it is a bit hard to quantify what has been achieved by the entity as it is yet to operate on full scale this year. Still, we envision securing more lifetime clients this year as our prosperity is mostly reliant on how the local population is willing to accept the innovation we are offering for them to get value for money for their vehicles should they choose to sell.

Unlike many who tend to look up to mentors based abroad, mine will have been my father. Not only did he expose me to entrepreneurship from a young age but he also played a huge role in the enactment and growth of the business as he went beyond just motivating me to get back up with every failure the business encountered, he also made sure to market the business in every space he occupied and also ensured customer service was at its optimum high thus for me he shall always be my greatest mentor.

The business has faced countless challenges the greatest of them being securing clientele as it was noted that over 80 % of local vehicle owners lack insight on the OXIDATION pandemic and the services we offer thus posing a great stumbling block. Another great challenge would be the lack of working resources locally thus most have to be imported which often is costly and time-consuming, lastly its observed that there still exists a great stigma towards young black entrepreneurs when it comes to them being paid the proper value worth of the services provided as opposed to the more established entities although service quality is often equivalent. The greatest solution would be to raise awareness on oxidation and how best to limit its impact on vehicle depreciation because the more aware people are the more the entity will flourish 

Plans for the coming 5 years mainly include exponential growth and expansion of the business into the rest of the regions to pave the way for more full-time employment opportunities for the youth.  The greatest goal would be to secure one wide-scale clientele such as an insurance entity or private company as this would ensure the stability of the business.

“The best advice I would pass out to any young person who wants to pursue any entrepreneurial journey would be to accept the culture of humility and patience enough to start small and gradually grow as you learn. I say this because it’s often observed that rushed success does not last long instead deprives you of essential lessons you need to sustain your entrepreneurial journey but most of all invest in proper research before pursuing any business venture,” he said.  

Find us on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok under the name   Techmo Auto Solutions you can also contact us at 78658885 on call or WhatsApp for more insight for a detailed catalog or just scan for easy access. #IamJA

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