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Melusi Tfwala, a young entrepreneur from Matsapha decides to recommence in the Graphics business. His aspiration of running a successful business has always been his push factor, driving him to chase after his dream at the age of 31.

After completing his high school education, he began his entrepreneurial journey after joining the Junior Achievement program, where he became the CEO of his graphic products selling business, selling printer cartridges, and fixing broken computer and printer equipment. After a year of hard work in seeing the business start, he was unable to sustain it due to the limited services he provided, and selling one product, hence he could not raise enough funds to run the business. As a result, the business had to close down.

In November 2018, Melusi proved his enthusiasm to see his business through, by raising his capital once again to retry the company that had failed before. Since December, Tfwala has been able to reopen the business, Antage Graphics successfully.

Tfwala had first decided to be independent, and then worked with a partner, to also help increase his pool of ideas to better run and sustain the business. Despite his struggle to accumulate profit, Melusi has been able to make about E7000 monthly and covers bills such as rent and salaries for himself, his partner and an employee, who assists him in his business.  A substantial part of his assistance also came from the First National Bank (FNB), in funding his training under the JA program.

Melusi extracted some very valuable lessons through participation and involvement with Junior Achievement programs funded by the First National Bank. “Being part of the JA program has helped me in so many ways. Firstly, JA has allowed me to share my experience with other entrepreneurs. Also, JA has helped empower me with the entrepreneurial skills I need to run my business, and also helped equip me on how to market my products, hence building my business confidence,” he explained.

Antage Graphics identifies his plans as a stepping stone towards his success, as he aspires to venture into embroidery and add more machinery for his business, since most of the equipment he uses, he outsources from other nearby friends.

Melusi encourages other aspiring young entrepreneurs not to start if the spirit of hard work and sacrifice is not within. “Making money is not magic, you need to work for it and also share a common vision with friends that think entrepreneurial, and then you shall succeed,” he concluded. #IamJAContact 7685 9728

Rekindling the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Graphics

Driven by the ambition to establish a thriving business, Melusi Tfwala, a Matsapha-based entrepreneur, has reignited his passion for the graphics industry. Melusi’s entrepreneurial spirit was first ignited through his participation in the Junior Achievement (JA) program following high school. During this program, he led his own graphic products business as CEO, offering printer cartridges and computer/printer repairs. While a year of dedicated effort was invested, the business ultimately faced challenges due to a limited service scope and reliance on a single product line, hindering its ability to generate sustainable revenue. Consequently, the business was forced to close.

Melusi, however, remained undeterred. In November 2018, he secured new capital and relaunched his venture, aptly named Antage Graphics, in December of that year. This marked a successful return for Melusi, rekindling his entrepreneurial spirit within the graphics industry.

Melusi initially operated independently but later expanded to include a partner. This collaboration aimed to leverage a broader pool of ideas for enhanced business management and sustainability. While profitability is still under development, Melusi has achieved a monthly revenue of approximately E7,000, covering expenses such as rent, salaries for himself, his partner, and an additional employee.

Melusi acknowledges significant assistance from the First National Bank (FNB) in funding his JA program training. “The JA program has been instrumental in my journey,” Melusi reflects. “It provided invaluable opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs, equipped me with essential business and marketing skills, and ultimately bolstered my entrepreneurial confidence.”

Melusi views Antage Graphics as a stepping stone to further success. He aspires to expand into embroidery services and invest in additional machinery, currently outsourced to local friends.

Melusi offers a motivational message to aspiring young entrepreneurs: “Building a successful business isn’t magic. It requires hard work, sacrifice, and a shared vision with like-minded individuals. With these ingredients, success is attainable.”#IamJAContact 7685 9728

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